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Iraq Hospitals
  • Public Hospitals

There is at least one public hospital in
every municipality in Baghdad. There
is a fee for entering the hospital, but it
is low. Americans should expect to pay
cash for this fee. Additional fees must
be paid in cash for consultations,
hospital stays and medicine. Hospitals
in Baghdad are not well equipped at
this time and medical care is
significantly below Western standards.
The best public hospitals in Baghdad
are: Al-Yermouk in Mansour, Al-Kindi
on Palestine Street in 7th Nissan, and
Al-Shaheed Adnan on Baba Muadham
Street in Rusafa.
Iraq Hospitals List.
Private Hospitals

There are also private hospitals in Baghdad that normally provide better care
and service than the public hospitals, but they charge a higher fee. All fees
must be paid in cash. The best private clinics in Baghdad are al-Hayat on 52
street in Karada, al-Rahebat on Karada inside street in Karada, and Karkh
hospital for surgery. None of the private hospitals have emergency rooms.

  • Public Clinics/Physicians

There are several public clinics in Baghdad that charge minimal fees.
However, the service and level of care is minimal. Many public clinics are in
areas that are not safe and it is not recommended to go to a public clinic.

  • Private Clinics/Physicians

There are many private clinics in Baghdad for consultations with general
practitioners and specialists. The U.S. consular office is currently compiling a
list of clinics and physicians in Baghdad.

  • List of Medical Facilities

Al-Yermouk Hospital
Location: Mansour Municipality
Phone: 542-9120

Al- Kindi Hospital
Location: Mohammad Al Kasiem street, 7 Nisan District 506
Phone: 416-8021

Al-Shaheed Adnan
Location: Baba Muadham Street in Rusafa (Medical City).
Phone: 414-0651

Al- Karama Hospital
Location: Al Sheekh Maroof Street No.6

Al- Karakh Hospital
Location: Near Al Sarafia bridge
Phone: 537-5919

Al Hayat Hospital
52 Street, Karada

Al Rahebat
Karada inside Street, Karada district
While there are many pharmacies in Baghdad, only a few carry a wide
selection of medications. The best known and well-stocked pharmacies with
English speaking pharmacists are Hunnudi and Al-Shaiklee.

List of Pharmacies in Baghdad

Al-Shaiklee Pharmacy
Hours: 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Closed on Fridays and Iraqi holidays. The store is
sometimes open from 11:00am to 2:00pm.

Location: Located on al-Kindi Street in the Kindi Area of the Karkh
Municipality (Tel: 5413811). Take Damascus street to the Baghdad
International Exhibition Fairgrounds. Turn on to al-Kindi street. There is a
garden restaurant at the corner [2]. If you are coming from the East take a U
turn right after the fairgrounds and then an immediate right onto al-Kindi
street. It’s the 3rd store on the right after the 8th street [1].

If traveling from the al-Rashid with a DoD badge, take Qadisiya Expressway to
al-Kindi Street, which is the 2nd exit to the right. Take the 2nd u-turn and the
store is the 3rd store on the first block to the right.

Hunnudi Pharmacy
Hours: 9:30am to 2:00pm and 4:30pm to 8:30pm. Closed on Fridays and Iraqi

Location: Hunnudi pharmacy is located on Karada Inside Street (Tel:
7190989). Coming from the North, take Sadun Street to Freedom Circle
(where the Sheraton is located). At Freedom Circle continue on Sadun Street
to Ali Baba Circle. Take the first right off the circle onto Karada Inside. The
store is on the right in the block between the 5th and 6th streets from the
circle, on the far corner of the block.
Air Ambulance Transportation

Anna, American Air Ambulance
In a medical emergency, American Air Ambulance provides air ambulance
transportation back to the United States.

Web site:
For all air ambulance questions, call the established hotline at 800-863-0312
or 941-536-2002.