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Starting October 15th 2003 a new Iraqi currency
known as the ‘new Iraqi dinar’ began to replace the
‘old Iraqi dinar’, and the currency used in the North of
Iraq, the ‘swiss Iraqi dinar’. The new Iraqi dinar
created a single unified currency that is used
throughout all of Iraq. Since the production of the new
Iraq dinar, the international demand for the new Iraqi
dinar has continued to rise.
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50 Dinar Note Front: The grain silo at
Basrah. Working at full capacity the
facility can off-load and process
60,000 tonnes of grain per hour.

50 Dinar Note Back: Date palms.
Iraq used to be the world’s largest
producer and exporter of dates. Over
600 varieties are grown in-country.
250 Iraqi Dinar Front
The astrolabe. One of the
earliest scientific instruments -
able to measure the time of day
or night and altitude and
latitude - conceived by the
Greeks it was further developed
by medieval Arab astronomers,
who used it to help determine
the time for fasting during the
month of Ramadan.
250 Iraqi Dinar Back
The Spiral Minaret in
Samarra, built 848-849 A.D.
Samarra was then the
Abbasid Empire’s capital city.